The 5 best bike modifications that you can easily make

There are many upgrades bicycle enthusiasts can do with their single-track vehicles to improve its purpose and aesthetics. Here are some quick DIY modifications you can do to bring a personal touch to your bike:

modyfication1. Handlebar Positioning and Upgrade

No matter which bike you use, it needs an upright handlebar, as it affects the stability of your bicycle.

If the handlebars are too far from your reach, with handles too distant from each other, or simply too bulky, consider getting a new one. We usually recommend flat handlebars for most bikes. These are versatile, simple, and precise pieces for bikes of any type.

Now that you’ve got the replacement parts begin by removing or just loosening the old bar’s hex bolts with an Allan key. Once the old one is out, position the new handlebar to your liking while making sure they are centered. Finally, tighten back the bolts.

2. Cable Brakes and Shifters

Changing your handlebars may also mean altering your brakes and shifters, which are important in controlling the gear mechanism of your vehicle.

First, adjust the gear into the smallest for the least tension. Then, loosen up the screws on the derailleur clamp using a screwdriver as well as the bolts with an Allan key. Slide the new handlebar into the clamp and position them in an easy reach. Tighten them back into a snug fit.

3. Grips

Another upgrade you can do by yourself is changing your bike grips. To do this, loosen up the shifters or breaks that are placed right beside the grips to give you some space to work with. Next, lubricate the inside tube of the old grip by pinching it and applying alcohol or canned air. Twist and turn until it is completely removed.

Before fitting the new grips into the handlebar, make sure the area is dry and clean by wiping it with alcohol. Your new grips should stick just fine with the use of paint, hair spray or alcohol. Secure the end caps back into place.

4. Seat Upgrade

Any changes in the distance of the seat to your handlebars can give an uncomfortable experience. If you move it too far, you may end up straining your back and shoulders. If it gets too near, your legs and hips will feel awkward while pedaling.

Now that you have the right measurement start by loosening the bottom clamp bolt(s) with an Allan key until you can slide the old seat back and forth. Twist the metal top plate that sits on top of the saddle rails. Remove the old and place the new seat with the right measurement in mind. Lock-twist the metal plate and tighten the bottom bolt(s).

5. Wheel Upgrade

Changing the front wheel of your vehicle could be the easiest alteration to do with a bicycle. Bike shops frequently have easy to install wheels.

To do this, open and rotate the quick release and unscrew the nut at another end until the front wheel can be pulled out loose. Insert the new wheel with the axle into the fork. Once that is in place, tighten both the nut and quick release.

Bicycles are great means of transportation and exercise. If you want to personalize your vehicle, go ahead. Try these five tips we’ve given you and improve your biking experience in no time.