How to bike safely on the road


When you’re looking to start biking on the road, it’s important that you are aware of all the hazards. Cyclists are the most vulnerable to risks and dangers. You are on the road with larger and faster vehicles, so it’s important to be alert at all times. To keep you safe on the road, we recommend the following tips below:

  • Always keep your focused on the road ahead and be alert to any dangers or hazard that can occur anytime. It’s also important to keep an eye on any vehicles who may not be aware of your presence.
  • Follow the traffic lights and signs as you would if you were driving a car. However, when it comes to a yellow light, it’s ideal to stop as your bike may not be able to reach the intersection as fast as a car would.
  • Know how to use hand signals when you’re on the road. When turning right, stretch your arm pointing to the right and do the same for when you are turning left.
  • As mentioned before, large vehicles may not be aware of your presence, so it’s essential that you wear a reflector during daytime and nighttime. You can also add some reflecting accessories on your bike. For instance, you can install reflectors on your pedals and in the back seat of your bike. It’s important to install a light on the front of your bike too.
  • When turning near an intersection, don’t forget to look over your shoulder for any oncoming vehicles. It’s critical that you also use a hand signal and eye contact when turning.
  • Make use of your horns and bell to alert drivers of your presence.