Europe destinations for mountain biking

mountain trail

Europe is filled with excellent locations that are ideal for mountain biking. It’s no wonder why Europe is the number one choice for many mountain bikers. There are so many places to choose from that are suitable for both beginners and experts.

Lake Garda

Italy is another location in Europe where there are plenty of great areas for mountain biking. One of the most popular choices is the Lake Garda. The lake is surrounded by steep trails that are perfect for mountain bikers who are seeking for a challenging and thrilling adventure. Magnificent views also surround the trail.


Morzine is located in the Alps, and it offers a vast range of trails for mountain bikers. The trails also lead to different places with beautiful sceneries. Due to a large number of trail options, this makes the area a flexible path for all levels of bikers from beginner to pros. The Alps is also built with ski lifts all around which will be useful for bikers who wish to hop on to different places.

The Marina Alta Mountains

The Marina Mountains is situated in Spain which is another popular place for mountain bikers. The Marina Mountain is specifically located in the South of Valencia. The mountain is known for its old style tracks which were previously used by traders and are now used as a trail for mountain bikers. The mountains are most suitable for experienced bikers only due to the trails are very steep and rocky.

Le Tour Chamonix

The mountain trails in Le Tour Chamonix are only open to mountain bikers from July and August. The mountain is filled with a single trail all around. The trail is relatively long, and bikers will require a map to navigate their way around. The trail is surrounded by breathtaking scenery of the valley.