How To Maintain Your Bike

pexels-photo-30127Spending a decent amount of money on a top quality bicycle is one thing, whether it’s for fitness, sport, commuting or just getting around more easily. However, it’s another matter if you can actually look after that bike and keep it in the best possible condition for future use. If you want to get the most out of yours, consider some best practices and understand how to properly take care of your new purchase.



One of the most important factors for staying safe while cycling is having working brakes. Fortunately this is not difficult to check. Make sure your brake pads look symmetrical and are aligned so they can actually grip the wheel, then make sure the brake handles actually move them properly. Hold the brakes and try to move the bike to make sure.


Another major thing to take care of constantly is your tyre pressure. Keeping this at the correct level will maximise the lifespan of your tyres so as long as you check this every week or so you should cut down on replacement costs in the long term.


Spin your pedals to ensure they aren’t getting caught, and check that they engage with the chain system correctly. They shouldn’t be too loose as this will affect your control.



Every 1,000 miles you should be cleaning and lubricating your chain to make sure it doesn’t lock up. This isn’t too often for most people, but be careful not to forget. You will be able to do this with specific cleaning fluid and oil designed for bike chains.


The seat itself and the seat post need to be kept in good, clean condition to prevent them from becoming stuck or damaged. You might not think about it, but failing to keep the seat in working order could mean you suddenly can’t use your bike.


Just to make sure nothing gets stuck or damaged, you should regularly clean your entire bike frame. A lot of areas will stay clean or be washed by the rain, but it’s likely that some parts of your bike will get dirty after a while.


When everything is checked, clean and in working order, you should be keeping your bike somewhere safe and dry to protect it from the weather as well as criminals. This should definitely help to prolong the life of your bicycle and keep you riding safely for longer.