Top 5 Electric Bikes To Buy in 2016

If you enjoy going past the traffic on busy days while saving money on gas and having mini adventures, then getting a bicycle could be all you need.

Where else can you invest your well-earned money but with this great invention? And if you’re afraid of having to break a sweat in pedaling, an electric bicycle could be a more favorable choice.

1. 2016 IZIP E3 Peak

ebikeWeighing less than 50 pounds with a body of a classic mountain bike, the IZIP E3 Peak makes biking look sexy. Manufacturers equipped this slim ride with a quiet 73Nm mid-drive motor and a 350W Currie Electro-Drive System, which make it perfect for cycling along busy, sloping streets and moderately rough terrains.

Both wheels have a quick release system comprised of 180mm Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and a 10cm air fork. With speed reaching up to 20 mph, gliding along pavements couldn’t get easier. This sturdy bike offers Kenda tires, alloy hubs, a set of Shimano shifters and cogset, Velo seat and grips, and an LCD Multi-function display.

2. EG Vienna 250

Coming in as one of the lightest folding e-bikes is the EG Vienna 250, which weighs just 43.5 pounds. This compact vehicle, which houses a seven-speed Shimano Acera Rear Derailleur on 20-inch wheels, can be folded to fit perfectly into car trunks or storage.

Its removable 7.8 AH Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery enables this bike to go a maximum eighteen miles per hour. Its brake levers, front and rear motor hub, handlebar, stem, Promax brakes, and rear rack are all made up of an alloy which helps keep the overall weight to a minimum.

3. Electrobike Gama Cruise

This bike lives up to its name. Using the Electrobike Gama gives out a cruising experience on land. Available in white, navy blue and red, this laid-back ride can run up to 20 mph with its 350W Lithium-Ion battery that recharges in 4.5 hours.

This bicycle’s swept back handlebar and upright saddle give the most comfortable biking experience. Who cares about its 53-pound weight when you can easily move around with a reliable motor, fork suspension, and seat shock?

4. Ascot Classic Italjet

What bike will make you look twice wondering if it is a Harley Davidson or a vintage motorcycle from the 20’s? Nothing else but an Ascot Classic.

Made in Italy with grips, engraved saddle, speedometer, and battery house covered in rich leather, manufacturers also embellished this electric bicycle with a Chrome teardrop headlight and a stem watch. The fork comes with double springs and bearings for a more comfortable experience. This steel behemoth carries 2-ft wheels while its 250W battery motor can drive 15 miles per hour at top speed.

5. High Power Cycle Revolution

An American made, almost motocross looking e-bike, is the High Power Cycle Revolution. With a massive 5kW power reaching up to 50 mph, this hand-welded bike designed for speed. The battery can last up to six hours that allows the bike to go a hundred miles. …